Volunteer Opportunities & Internships


NATL's Founder, and Advocate, Realizes that Volunteers and Interns are the Back Bone, and Essential to the Success of any Non-Profit Organization.


 She also Understands that "Hands-On" Experience in Providing Victims' Assistance, is  Emotionally Rewarding, and in many instances, will Determine Whether or not Volunteers or Interns will Pursue a Career in the Field of Victim Advocacy.


NATL Offers Opportunities for both Volunteers and Interns to Provide Assistance to Victims of Crime, while at the same time, Gaining the Skills Essential to Ensure that Victims Receive all of the Rights Afforded to them.


To Inquire about an Internship, or Volunteer Position with NATL, Please e-mail Jennifer E. Browne @ jenbrowne@gvtc.com