Victim Assistance

* Assistance with Completing Crime Victims' Compensation Applications (CVC's), -

including tracking the Application through the Process, as well as follow-up Services.

*Civil Advocacy

 NATL's Advocates are here to Provide Civil Advocacy for you, and Advocate on Behalf of  you, by Assisting you in Locating the Appropriate Civil Attorney, while at the same time, Accompanying you to all Meetings, Hearings, etc. 

* Court Accompaniment

 NATL's Advocates are Available to talk with you about any concerns you have, or feelings you are experiencing as a result of your Victimization. 

* Information & Referral Sources

  If you require services that NATL's Advocates are unable to provide, you can rest assured that you will be referred the the Representative(s), or Organization(s) that will best assist you. 

* Legal Advocacy

 NATL's Advocates are well versed in the Criminal Justice System, and will answer any questions you may have regarding your Case.  In addition, NATL's Advocates will also Accompany you to Meetings with Law Enforcement Personnel, etc. 

* Victimology Presentations & Training

 NATL's Advocates are Available to provide training for Community Members, Businesses, Schools, and Law Enforcement Personnel in Bexar, Kendall, and Kerr Counties.  Please refer to the Presentations & Training Web Page for detailed information.  

* Professional Consultants

In addition to the Above Assistance, NATL also Offers the Services of a Certified Forensic Consultant/Certified Medical Investigator at no charge to Law Enforcement Agencies.  Dean A. Wideman, MSc, MBA, CFC, CMI-III, DABFE is the Founder of a not-for-profit organization entitled Wings of Justice, Inc.  Mr. Wideman can be reached at (210) 954-1359  

Further, NATL Offers the Services of an Independent Certified Forensic Document(s)
Examiner at no charge to Law Enforcement Agencies who utilize NATL's Advocate. 

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