NATL's Advocates

 NATL's Founder, and Advocates

NATL's Founder Possesses 26 Years of Experience in the Field of Victim Assistance, and is Qualified and Available to Advocate on Behalf of All Victims of Crime.

 Jennifer E. Browne, the Founder of NATL, Possesses twenty-six years of Experience in the Field of Victim Assistance, and has Advocated on Behalf of Child Abuse Victims, Domestic Violence Victims, Elder Abuse Victims, Sexual Assault Victims, Stalking Victims, and Survivors of Homicide Victims.

In addition, Jennifer is a TCLEOSE Certified Instructor in the State of Texas, and taught all of the State-Mandated Victimology Courses for   Law Enforcement Personnel at the San Antonio Police Department's Training Academy from July, 1995 - October 2006.

 Jennifer has Lectured State-Wide, and Nationally on Victim Related Issues, and is a Member  of Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA), The Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV), Texans for Equal Justice, Texas Victim 

Services Association (TVSA), and a Former Member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).

Christy Hanich, also a NATL Advocate possesses an extensive, 20 year background working with children and adults with special needs.  Almost completed with her Human Services Degree, she is focusing on the effects that severe trauma inflicts on both children and adults.

 Christy's life experiences have enabled her to reach out and offer assistance to those individuals who need support, as well as to advocate for those people who need a voice.  She is dedicated to the fair treatment of all people, and works tirelessly to support all victims in need.

Christy is the current Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Kendall County Crime Stoppers.

* Professional Consultants
In addition to the Above Assistance, NATL also Offers the Services of a Certified Forensic Consultant/Certified Medical 

Investigator at no charge to Law Enforcement Agencies.  Dean A. Wideman, MSc, MBA, CFC, CMI-III, DABFE is the Founder of a not-for-profit organization entitled Wings of Justice, Inc.  Mr. Wideman can be reached at (210) 954-1359 

 * Professional Consultants

Further, NATL Offers the Services of an Independent Certified Forensic Document(s)
Examiner at no charge to Law Enforcement Agencies who Utilize NATL's Advocates.  

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